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First Families of New Mexico 

(Reconquest Certificate Issued)

SOURCE:  New Mexico Genealogist.  The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society.  March 2002.  Vol. 41, No. 1., page 34.

Stanley Andres Lucero descendant of Antonio Mascarenas and Catalina Xuarez. 

Gonzalo de Azevedo Mascarenas was born in Lisbon Portugal about 1590.  Sometime before 1618 he came to Mexico City where he married Catalina de Quinones. His grandson, Jose Bernardo Mascarenas, was born in Mexico City in 1667. He and his family came to New Mexico with the colonists of 1693.

EXCERPT from letter sent by the New Mexico Genealogical Society.

20 March 2001

Dear Stanley A. Lucero:

Congratulations! The New Mexico Genealogical Society has reviewed and approved your Primeras Familias de Nuevo Mexico application.  Thank you again for taking the time to document your ancestors. If you have any questions, please write or call me at 505-828-2514.

Sincerely, Ernie Jaskolski, New Mexico Ancestor Chairman. 

Working Notes by Ernie Jaskolski, New Mexico Ancestor Chairman.  dm = Marriage investigations (Diligencias Matrimoniales). See New Mexico Roots LTD., by Fray Angelico Chavez.,b=born, bt=baptized, m=married, d=died.

1. Stanley Andres Lucero, son of Juan Amadeo Lucero and Maria Lourden Quintana

2. Juan Amadeo Lucero, son of Jose de Gracia Lucero and Maria Excelsa Fresquez

5. Maria Excelsa Fresquez, daughter of Jose de Gracia Fresquez and Maria Visenta Vigil (Romero)

10. Jose de Gracia Fresquez, son of Juan Nepomuseno Fresquez and Maria de la Luz Casias

21. Maria de la Luz Casias, daughter of Jose Antonio Casillas and Maria Teodora de Esquipulas Silva

43. Maria Teodora de Esquipulas Silva, daughter of Jose Mariano Silva and Maria Manuela Martin

87. Maria Manuela Martin, daughter of Julian Martin and Maria Rosa Mascarenas

175. Maria Rosa Mascarenas, daughter of Juan Mascarenas and Paula Romero Medina

 350. Juan Mascarenas, son of Francisco Mascarenas and Antonia Lopez

700. Francisco Mascarenas, son of Jose Bernardo Mascarenas and Maria de Acosta

1400. Jose Bernardo Mascarenas, son of Felipe Mascarenas and Ysabel Tovar y Quinones

2800. Felipe Mascarenas, son of Gonzalo de Azevedo Mascarenas and Catalina de Quinones

5600. Gonzalo de Azevedo Mascarenas, son of Antonio Mascarenas and Catalina Xuarez

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