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Two Way Kindergarten Sharing

Yolanda López-Lucero

Welcome to my page! I have had the opportunity for the last 13 years to be a 2 Way Kindergarten Teacher at Ann Leavenworth School in Fresno Unified. During this tenure I have learned a lot about how 2 Way works and what it is that both parents and children in our program need to be successful as they work together to learn a new language, a new culture and new way of thinking about the world and its people.

It is always wonderful to go to conferences or trainings like Cosecha, CABE and Two Way CABE and be able to come back into my own classroom and incorporate and tweak the strategies and ideas I glean from these opportunities.  As teachers we often see, or hear new ideas, and immediately start to formulate in our own minds and hearts the best way to blend what we learn with what we need and how to best accommodate these ideas into the culture of our own classroom. Right? 

With that in mind I have taken a few ideas that have made my job easier and more systematic. Many of these ideas incorporate a variety of skills, concepts and strategies that meet the specific needs in my classroom. I hope that as you look through these ideas you will dismiss any slight typing or spelling errors and look past those to the idea and thought that lives within each attachment. I have attached copies of newsletters, orientation letters, snack calendars, a sample daily schedule, a sample of a lesson plan for a substitute and useful kindergarten links.  Enjoy!