Stanley A. Lucero

Do you sing with your students in Spanish?

If so, he wants to come to your school to:





Mr. Lucero has recorded four cds of children's music in Spanish

and one cd of Marimba Lucero.

Mr. Lucero has also conducted

Marimba Band, Estudiantina and Rondalla groups

in Visalia, Woodlake, Madera and Fresno.

See Mr. Lucero's resume.

Contact Mr. Lucero for performance fees and traveling expenses.

CD orders can be used to reduce fees.

Sample Children's Concert Songlist

Digo si – I say yes and no with my head ….

El carro Ford – a silly rhyming song about a car that didn’t want to start

El barco chiquitito – For seven weeks the Little Boat tried to learn how to steer

Cinco elefantes – Five elephants swing on a spider web

La Feria de San Juan – At the fair I bought a wooden flute …..

Banderita – American and Mexican flags

La familia – My fingers represent my family

A Juan no le dan tortillas de maíz – Juan married Josefina who can’t make tortillas

Juego de calentamiento – Calvary soldiers move their body with the music

Juan Pirulero – Copy my movements if you can or you’re out of the game

El coyotito – Little coyote is hungry and no one will feed him except ….

Mi rancho – My farm animals speak in Spanish

Pajarito canta tú – Little bird sing for me….

La ballena - The whale swims to the ocean floor, eats, & swims to the surface.

De colores – The world is beautiful with the flowers, birds, rainbows and chickens.


Page updated July 15, 2009