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Arroz con leche

I was asked by Rosa Molina, Executive Director of ATDLE to present a workshop on children/s music.


Discussion on how culture and language is transmitted through music.  

Examples of songs with long histories from different points of history!

Demonstrate/teach a song from different regions of the Spanish speaking world.

The importance of vocabulary and the way to derive meaning from the song and how the musicality helps students enunciate and pronounce words at a native like level.  

Encourage teachers to teach a unit on Arroz con leche and other songs in Spanish within a cultural and historical context.



Arroz con leche viaja el mundo [combined version]

Arroz con leche viaja el mundo I

Contains power point used for workshop presentation

Arroz con leche viaga el mundo II

Contains versions of  Arroz con Leche and La viudita

I based the power point on information I gathered from a variety of sources:

my personal collection of children's books and recordings,

an informal research study I did on the origens of children's songs in Spanish, online recordings and the following.

Arroz con leche: a unit template by Yoli

Arroz con leche internet sources

Arroz con leche report to Arte Americas

Arroz con leche versions

Culture mentioned in California Common Core Standards

Here are some of the recordings I found online and will use during the presentation. 

I downloaded mp3s of Arroz con leche and La viudita.

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June 23, 2014