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Bilingual Education


Use the following books as sources of information

for your dual language classroom



Bilingualism and Special Education: Issues in Assessment and Pedagogy

Cummins, Jim. 1985


Californians Together presents The Seal of Biliteracy Program

Californians Together. 1998. Long Beach

Californians Together presents The Seal of Biliteracy Program

Californians Together. 1998. Long Beach



Dual Language Education for a Transformed World

Thomas, Wayne P. and Collier, Virginia P.

Dual Language Education of New Mexico Fuente Press, Albuquerque. 

ISBN 978-0-9843169-1-5

Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education

Dual Language Instruction.  A Handbook for Enriched Education.  Cloud, Nancy; Genesee, Fred; and Hamayan, Else. 2000. 

Heinle & Heinle, a division of Thomson Learning, Inc., Boston.  

ISBN 083848801-3

Educating English Learners for a Transformed World

Educating English Learners For a Transformed World. 

Collier, Virginia P. and Thomas, Wayne P., 2009.

Dual Language Education of New Mexico Fuente Press, Albuquerque. 

ISBN 978-0-9843169-0-8

Language Experience Approach to Reading (and Writing). LEA for ESL.  Dixon, Carol N. and Nessel, Denise, 1983. 

The Alemany Press, Hayward.

ISBN 0-88084-037-4


Mulicultural Education in Practice. Transforming One Community at a Time

Edited by Gallardo, Olivia M. and Ramirez, Lettie, 2012

CABE & Velazquez Press

ISBN 1-59495-068-7

Realizing the Vision of Two-Way Immersion

Howard, Elizabeth R. and Sugarman, Julie, 2007

Center for Applied Linguistics

ISBN 1-932748-61-X

The Bilingual Special Education Interface (4th Edition

Baca, Leonard M. and Cervantes, Hermes T. 2003

ISBN 978-0131138438

The Foundations of Dual Language Instruction (Sixth Edition)

Lesssow-Hurley, Judith, 2013

Pearson, USA

ISBN 978-0-13-268516-0

Book cover

The Inner World of the Immigrant Child.

Igoa, Cristina, 1995. 

St. Martin's Press, New York. 

ISBN 0-8058-8013-5

7 Steps to Success in Dual Language Immersion

Carrera-Carrillo, Lore and Smith, Annette Richert Smith, 2006

Heinemann, Portmouth, NH

ISBN 0-325-00992-9

Word to Word Spanish and E

nglish School Dictionary

Velazquez Press, 2012

Velazquez Press, El Monte, CA.

ISBN 978-1-59495-067-4


Velazquez Spanish and English Glossary for the Social Studies Classroom

Velazquez Press, 2011

Velazquez Press, El Monte, CA

ISBN 978-1-59495-010-0

Velazquez Spanish and English Glossary for the Mathematics Classroom

Velazquez Press, 2010

Velazquez Press, El Monte, CA.


Velazquez Spanish and English Glossary for the Science Classroom

Velazquez Press, 2011

Velazquez Press, El Monte, CA

ISBN 978-1-59495-010-5.



La información en esta pájina representa recursos para padres y maestros.


These are links to webpages and documents related to Bilingual Education and Bilingual Special Education.  I have included them as resources for Bilingual Teachers and parents who want their children to become bilingual.

I have dedicated my teaching career to helping students become bilingual, biliterate, bicultural, and bicognitive so that they could reach the highest levels of bilingualism and academic proficiencies.

I highly recommend the two-way bilingual immersion [dual language] and heritage immersion programs.  Purchase and view the video "Speaking in Tongues" to learn more about 4 students in dual language programs  in San Francisco.

Encourage your school district to award the Seal of Biliteracy to graduating seniors who have met the criteria demonstrating high proficiencies in two languages. According to Jack O'Connell [California State Superintendent of Public Education], 34 school districts are "implementing the Seal of Biliteracy, a Californians Together statewide program." 12/27/2010

Madera Seniors Receive the Seal of Biliteracy [June 2012]


For those of you who live in the San Joaquin Valley, Yolanda and I would be honored to meet with you and your colleagues to view the Speaking in Tongues video and to discuss the Seal of Biliteracy award.

Stanley A. Lucero

Master of Arts in Teaching [1974]


Basic Bilingual Education Concepts
Bilingual Certificate 1997
Bilingual Education Terminology by catagories
Bilingual Instructional Goals 1995
Bilingual Program Components 1995
Bilingual Program Services for Students 1995
Bilingual Schooling Through Dual Language Programs 2012 powerpoint
Bilingual Special Education [Gonzalez, Lucero, Mendez, & Rodriguez]
Bilingual Quotes 
Bilingual Vocabulary I
Bilingualism in the Schools 2011 powerpoint
BSM Levels and Categories of Bilingualism
BSM Matrix
Charts and Diagrams
Collier & Thomas 2009 powerpoint
Define Bilingual Education
Define Primary Language Instruction
Genealogy Classroom Ideas powerpoint 2009
Identify academic and language proficiency weaknesses in both languages
Identifying and Honoring Bilingual Accelerated Learners 2000
I Want My Children to be Truly Bilingual [pdf] - Bilingual booklet for parents
I Want My Children to be Truly Bilingual [with English text only]
Limited Bilingual [LB] Students
MLK Bilingual Program Draft 1995
MLK Handbook recommendations
Multilingualism: A Cultural Renaissance
Options for students learning English as a Second Language
Proposition 227: Where Do We Go From Here?
Seal of Biliteracy - Sello de bilinguüismo powerpoint [March 2013]
Start Learning a Second Language this semester
The Importance of Primary Language Support and Primary Language Instruction
The Inner World of the Immigrant Child [a synopsis]
Two-Way Genealogy Classroom Ideas
University Seal of Biliteracy
Websites with information about Dr. Stephen Krashen
Who are the English Learners and where did they come from? powerpoint 2011



Association of Two-Way & Dual Language [ATDLE]
CABE Region II
California Association for Bilingual Education [CABE]
Californians Together
Council for Exceptional Children Website
Dr. Mora's MoraModules Website
Dual Language Education of New Mexico Website
English Learners [California Department of Education]
Fiction with Immigration Themes [Elementary through High School books]
Foreign Language Framework [California Department of Education]
Fresno Madera CABE CASBE Chapter Website
Lau v. Nichols, 414 U.S. 563 (1974)
Leonard Baca, EdD
Music and disabilites
Two-Way Directory of Dual Immersion Programs in the US Website




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