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I enjoy searching the web for information with cultural and musical items of interest. If you have the opportunity to contact these individuals, tell them I sent you.

Arco Iris, Inc features Jose Luis Orozco and his collection of children's music in Spanish. I met Jose Luis many years ago when he was still a young teacher. Occasionally we team up to do workshops at conferences for teachers in California.

Aspectos Culturales. Roberto Mondragon from Santa Fe, New Mexico has two excellent tapes of children's music in Spanish. I highly recommend you purchase his Juguemos tapes.

Children's Music Web. Monty Harper has compiled information about many musicians who have children's music. This webpage is full of information about products sold by individual musicians and information about children's music in general. Your time will be well spent at this website.

Enchanted Learning provides a Spanish/English or English/Spanish picture dictionary called Little Explorer.  They also have many Spanish activities for the bilingual, two-way and ESL teachers.

Estanislao's Revolt by John Curl: I have often wondered about my name Stanley (or Estanislao in Spanish). Other than Stanley Livingston, the Stanley Steamer and Stanley Tools (all references from cultures different than mine), I wondered where this name came from. I found this article about Chief Estanislao who lead the California Indian Revolt against the Spanish Missions that I think you will find very interesting.

Estrellita Homepage. Look at this webpage for the Estrellita Accelerated Beginning Spanish Reading program and other resources for your bilingual classroom. Thank you Karen for your endorsement of my recordings.

Freddy’s Folk Tales.  Freddy’s Folk Tales are centered around Freddy Cricket and his friends, Billy Bullfrog, Sammy Snail, Richie Rabbit and Daisy Mae Cricket.  The books are in English and Spanish.  Check them out!

Hispanic World of Musicians and Actors. A great source to find the webpages of your favorite musicians and actors [including me!]

Libros de Ricardo.  Spanish Books for Children; School and Classroom Spanish Libraries; Student Book Club; Spanish Books

Los Danzantes De Alegria contains a listing of Mexican Dance, Music, Art and Cultural Web sites. Look for information about folkloric dance groups, recordings, etc. Thank you Danzantes for adding my webpage to your list of "Music Links."

NCELA has a webpage of Spanish Language and Latin American Culture Links.  In addition, you can search this webpage for many articles and resources for bilingual and two-way programs.

New Mexico Culture Net.  This site has a slew of information about culture in New Mexico including a statewide calendar of events, artist and business listing, www links and so much more... come on in and see for yourself.

Rio Grande Woodworks.  When I lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico, I performed every weekend with Espie [Esperanza Telles] at restaurants and other community activities.  Her husband, Hector is an accomplished artisan in woodworking.

The Aztec Sun Stone by Dr. Cecilio Orozco contains information about our indigenous ancestors in the Four Corners area of the Southwest. Dr. Orozco and I shared many conference exhibit tables over the years. Use this website to expand your knowledge about your own roots.

Two-Way Immersion, Center for Applied Linguistics.  Dual Language programs are designed for parents who wish their children to master two languages, be on grade level academically and able to function in two cultures.  Go to the National Directory of Two-Way Immersion Programs for information about a program near you.

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June 2, 2016