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[Abt 1846 Tesuque - after 1920 Peñasco]


Picture shared by Armando Martinez

Daughter of Jose Miguel Quintana & Maria Paula Roybal

Jose Miguel Quintana s/ Jose Fausto Quintana & Maria Antonia Trujillo

Maria Paula Roybal d/ Juan Domingo Roybal & Maria Antonia Herrera



Maria Antonia Quintana

Juan Estevan Quintana

Maria Rumalda Quintana

Picture shared by Maria Janie Rodriguez

Picture shared by Dallas

Picture shared by Armando Martinez



Based on information given to me by relatives.  Stanley A. Lucero

My great great grandmother María Dolores Quintana was born about 1846 in Tesuque, New México.  She came with the priests from Tesuque to Peñasco as a cook.  Her children were baptized and/or married at La Misión de San Lorenzo de Picuries and/or La Iglesia Católica de San Antonio de Peñasco and identified as "hijos naturales."  Picuries and Peñasco are in Taos County, New México.

According to my mother, Maria Dolores was a mistress of four men.  She was kidnapped, rescued and physically mutilated.  According to my cousins descended from her daughter, María Antonia, María Dolores was raped by an Apache. 

Two possible fathers of her children are a Roybal from Rio Lucio and an attorney named Sánchez from Las Vegas, New México.  The fathers of her children have not been identified through any records, family stories or DNA results.

The known children of Maria Dolores Quintana are:

Antonio abt 1864]

Jose Seberiano [1864];

Maria Antonia [1865-1924];

Juan Estevan [1867-1952];

Maria Ramona [1870-1945];

Maria Rumalda [1873-1946];

Maria Trinea [1876];

Agapito [1880-1958].

To see more information about Maria Dolores Quintana, her children, and her grandchildren CLICK HERE


In the 1910 Peñasco Census, Maria Dolores was listed as having 8 children, 5 living.  The 1885 Census also listed a son Antonio age 21.  Five of her children lived past 1910: Maria Antonia, Juan Estevan, Maria Ramona, Maria Rumalda & Agapito.  This means that Jose Seberiano, Maria Trinea and Antonio died before 1910.

Her son Juan Estevan Quintana and her daughter María Rumalda Quintana are both my great grandparents.  María Rumalda was part Cherokee.  Ramona was given away to a family [Cordova or Cisneros] in Llano.  Agapito moved to Utah to get away from the family. Agapito and his wife Petra were buried in the Peñasco Morada cemetery.  Agapito was short, unlike his brother, Juan Estevan.  

María Dolores owned property in Peñasco across the road from Peñasco High School near the Picuries Reservation. The Santa Barbara Land Grant and the Trampas Land Grant boundaries are very close.  Miguel Quintana [unknown relationship] and Agapito Quintana [son] owned land next to hers in Peñasco.  Either Ramona [daughter] or Rumalda [daughter]  owned land by the Llano Cuchillo.

I suspect María Dolores was a full blooded Indian.  Mom told me that María Dolores and her grandaughter María Guadalupe Martinez would go up into the montes [forests] above Llano to visit the Apaches. Armando Martinez told me that María Dolores and Rumalda used to go up to upper Llano to visit the Apaches.  Liz Varela told me that her grandfather [Alfonso Ortiz, an apache, married to Maria Beroniz Roybal, grand daughter of Maria Dolores] used to go to the Apache Canyon near Chamisal for special occasions.  Mom told me that Geronimo [famous Apache] is our tío and has the same features as María Dolores.  When the priest baptized my great grandmother María Rumalda, he announced “Hoy bautize una india.”  However no note was made on her baptism record.

Juan Estevan was tall and big.  He liked to race his red horse.  Armando Martinez [owner of the Peñasco Dance Hall] told me Juan Estevan heard about a horse race in Peñasco.  Juan Estevan came on horsback, left his horse about a mile from Peñasco, and came walking to see who was racing.

Juan Estevan would return home to Llano from the Rodarte Bar asleep on his horse.  Juan Estevan Quintana was a US Marshall.  He delivered the Trampas Lumber Company vs Juan B Ortega et al Lawsuit to Juan B Ortega in Llano.  One time my Aunt Daisy heard a noise outside the house in Llano to see that her Uncle Juan was standing with his gun pointed at the head of a man he had just captured.

Benito Roybal worked at Peñasco Bar.   He looked like Juan Estevan Quintana.  Benito Roybal is the son of José Tomas Roybal and María Antonia de la Cruz Martin.  His brother, Francisco Roybal,  married Juan Estevan's sister María Antonia Quintana.  Mom had said that Juan Estevan Quintana's father was probably Roybal, maybe Tomas Roybal.  However this has not been proven.

Paulette Atencio told me that Dolores Quintana spoke 3 or 4 Indian languages in addition to Spanish.  These are some of the possible languages she spoke: she was able to talk to the Picuris Indians (Tiwa); she came from the Tesuque area (Tewa); she visited the Apaches; her daughter Rumalda was part Cherokee; and according to Paulette, she was Navajoense.

The results of my Family Tree mtDNA lists my maternal line as Haplogroup A [native american].  My most distant known maternal ancestor is Rosa Maria Romero de Pedraza.  I am also registered with the New México DNA Project.  See Kit # 81329.

I have not been able to locate baptism for Maria Dolores Quintana. 

According to the 1850 Census, Maria Dolores was born about 1846.

Maria Dolores Quintana died & July 1922 and was buried in Penasco

These are the New México Census Records related to María Dolores Quintana – my 2nd great grandmother.


The 1850 Santa Fe Census: Miguel [80]; Altagracia [20]; Gertrudis [7]; Dolores [4]; & Rafael [2].

The 1860 San Ildefonzo Census: Altagracia [58]; María Dolores [16]; & Rafael [13]

The 1870 Picuries Census: Altagracia [46]; María Dolores [25]; Maria Antonia [7]; Juan Esteban [3]; & José Rafael [15]

The 1880 Peñasco Census: Altagracia [60]; Dolores [26]; Rumalda [7]

The 1885 Peñasco Census: Dolores [42]; Antonio [21]; Juan [19]; Ramona [15]; Rumalda [12]; 7 Agapito [5]

The 1900 Peñasco Census: Dolores [50]; Agapito [20]

The 1910 Peñasco Census: Dolores [65]The 1920 Peñasco Census: Rumalda [40]; Lupita [18]; María Dolores (mother) [85]

The 1920 PeñascoCensus. New Mexico. Taos County, 0821080, Enum Dist 178 Sheet 5A, 17 Jan 1920.Line 3:

Quintana, Dolores, mother, female, white, age 85,widow, can't read or write, born NM,

father born NM, mother born NM, doesn't speak English.

The 1930 Peñasco Census: María Dolores Quintana does not appear on the 1930 Peñasco Census.




Peñasco Morada Cemetery

Picture by Raymond Kelso



Agapito Quintana


Picture by Raymond Kelso


Petra M Quintana [Maria Petra Martinez]


Picture by Raymond Kelso

Maria Dolores Quintana and Family

Research notes by Stanley A Lucero

Draft currently at 22 pages

mtDNA lineage

Stanley A Lucero

s/ Maria Lourden Quintana

d/ Maria Guadalupe Martinez

d/ Maria Rumalda Quintana

d/ Maria Dolores Quintana

d/ Maria Paula Roybal

d/ Maria Antonia Herrera

d/ Maria Simona Martin Sanjil

d/ Gertudis Bernal

d/ Rosa Maria Romero de Pedraza


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