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My "little brother" Noel

Noel Dean Lucero

Born: January 10, 1958 in Leadville, Colorado

Son of Juan Amadeo Lucero & Maria Lourden Quintana

Died: August 8, 2005 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Buried: Rio Rancho, New Mexico


Older brothers

Stanley A. Lucero

Bert M. Lucero


This picture was taken on the couch of our green trailer.  Noel was probably about 2 years old.


Picture of Noel and a girlfriend on March 16, 1984



This is one of the few pictures we have of the Lucero family. Taken at Bert's wedding [June 1984].  Stanley, Mom, Dad, Bert & Noel


Noel lived with us in Visalia.  This was his dog Gandolf


Dirt floor shed where Mom and Noel lived south of Moriarty.


The shed had electricity and a telephone.  The comun [outhouse] was in back.  A hand pump gave them water from the well.


This picture was the living room about 3 years after they moved out and people were starting to vandalize the property.  Note the handpump for the water from the well.  The picture was taken April 3, 2007.

Here is the same chair as it appears now in November 12, 2012.


This was the bedroom.  Mom's turquoise coat was still handing there November 12, 2012.


Here is the bookshelf where mom kept her books and important papers. November 12, 2012.



This is the last picture I have of Noel before he died. March 2005.


Rio Rancho, New Mexico at funeral


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