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Dear Richie,

You were given a very big mission when you came into this world. God gave it to you because only you would have the strength, integrity, courage, faith and commitment to do HIS will. You were blessed with a family that loved you and recognized the weight of your mission. We knew that it was one that you would handle. I don’t ever remember hearing you say “Lord take this cup from me” instead you said “thy will be done.”

It soon became apparent, after your accident, that your path in life would be filled with challenges, and obstacles and that it would take every breath you took to keep you moving forward. You were truly blessed with a loving woman who nurtured you, cared for you, and had the love necessary to stay at your side and, travel this path with you. That is one special love! It is the love that dreams are made of.

Thank you Rosalee for being Richie’s constant companion and champion. She always made sure that you received the needed treatments, care and that the resources you required would be made available to you. She was your shield and your protection. Love like that is one that comes along only once in a lifetime. You were lucky to have that love. Indeed her love was so strong that she wanted to give you a child. It took a while but due to her ability to see beyond the difficulty and risk to her own health she moved forward. She wanted to give you a legacy! Xochitl is that little bit of both you and her to carry on your memory, dreams, hopes, and wishes. She will keep your memory alive wherever she goes in life. She will honor and respect the values and directions you and Rosalee have so skillfully taught her.

How lucky are you to have the undeniable love of yet another woman…your mom Ana. She has been by your side and at your service all of your life. It was her love and good example that helped mold you into the man you were. Noble, admirable, consentido, amado.

Richie, I know Tio Stanley and I were not always there for you, but you were, and will always be in our prayers. You are the example we always shared with other of courage and dignity. You never complained, you always had a smile on your face and you walked with the Lord in all your daily practices. The world has lost an angel but heaven has already claimed you as their own. I know that you will be made whole. That you will be able to walk, run, dance and leap with joy when you join grandma, grandpa, your dad and all the loved ones who have gone before you. Give them our love and let them know that they too are always in our hearts, prayers and sweetest of memories.

It takes a good man, a good heart, and a good head to keep up with children. You personify all this with Xochitl. She is a great example of the love that you and Rosalee have invested in her. If you had been a girl you would have looked like her. She is beautiful inside and out and will ever honor your name and memory. I believe she knows that you will always been looking after her from heaven. I know she feels your love and comfort even now…Thank you Richie for always thinking of others and praying for all of us who are left behind at this time.

Richie, we love you and will always cherish and admire the life you lived. It is our prayer that the love you gave away so freely, as well as the physical and emotional strength we will all need during these difficult days will be ours through the Holy Spirit.  Mijo your mission is over and now it is time to return with honor to your Father in Heaven. Until we meet again…


Tia Yoli



Richie always smiled in his wheelchair.




Ricardo Lopez born 17 March 1967 in Fresno, California.

Son of Mario Trevino Lopez & Ana Maria Lopez

Brothers: Manuel Cantu Jr. and Mario Lopez Jr.

Sisters: Maria Patricia Lopez and Sandra Diane Lopez [Ruiz]

Married to Rosalinda Martinez

Daughter Xochitl M. Lopez

Paternal Grandparents: Guadalupe Barajas Lopez & Juanita Trevino

Maternal Grandparents: Casimiro Lopez Gonzales & Beatriz Avila Munoz



Judy Champion





Yesterday was a very sad day for our family! My nephew Richie Lopez, who had been in the fight of his life for several months, was called home to be with our Lord. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. Although he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair for about 26 years, he was always happy and cheered everyone else up with his jokes and funny stories. You never saw him in a bad mood even if he was hurting. He was kind, loving, caring, sharing and so sweet!! He never gave up! He worked until he fell ill. Even in the hospital when he was very sick he still worried about his family and loved ones. The hospital staff was amazed at how many visitors he had. They said they never had a patient with that many visitors. That says a lot about how loved he was by all! He was a loving father, husband, son, brother, nephew, nino, friend, and above all, he was an amazing, strong man who fought until the end!! Now he is free from pain and suffering. We all loved him very much and will miss him dearly!! Heaven has a new angel! God bless him!!

Sandra Lopez-Ruiz

My brother fought a hard long battle God knew he needed to more pain and suffering for him he finally got up from his chair and WALKED into the gates of heaven...we will forever miss your beautiful smile brother there's not a man that can fill your shoes I'm so grateful and blessed to be able to call you my brother...I LOVE YOU with all my heart and soul GOD only takes the best glad he gave me another guardian angel.....REST EASY MY BROTHER until our chain is linked up again



Mario Lopez Jr.

This is one brotherhood that you could never break up!












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