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By Stanley A Lucero

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Published in

Nuestras Raices

Genealogical Society of Hispanic America

Summer 2009 - Volume 21 - Number 2

Pages 13-19

The Tlaxcalan Indians from Tlaxcala, Mexico were crucial to Cortez' victory over the Aztec Empire in 1521.

The Tlaxcalans were awarded "special rights and privileges" by the Spaniards.

Many Tlaxcalteca Indians accompanied the Spanish conquistadores north to New Mexico as soldiers and servants. 

The Tlaxcaltecas valued turquoise as they used it for their religious rites;

and although this mineral is not found in mesoamerica, they found it in New Mexico. 

They brought with them their weaving skills and eventually settled in the Analco District of Santa Fe before 1610.

My ancestors, the Britos, were Tlaxcalan Indians who became a part of the Trampas Land Grant in 1751.

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This powerpoint was presented at the Cosecha 2009 Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Oldest House in the United States

The oldest house in New Mexico is believed to be the house of Juan de Leon Brito.

Picture from website: Santa Fe, NM: Oldest U.S. Capital

What do we know about Analco and the original settlers of this barrio of Santa Fe?

Here are some quotes I have found in my research.

Atlixco is the old Nahuatl name for Atrisco, New Mexico.

Is it coincidence that both Anaclo and Atrixco are Nahuatl words?

Atlixco Report revised August 2011.

One of my ancestors Juan de Leon Brito was a Tlaxcalan Indian from the Analco barrio of Santa Fe NM.

New lines of research for Tlaxcalans include the seven caves, the migration of the 400 families,

the places they colonized in Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico,

including Santa Fe [Analco] , Albuquerque [Atrixco] and Las Cruces,

the 100 families with Onate saying they were passing the site of the seven caves,

the matachines dances, chocolate at Chaco Canyon,

and now Aztlan and the Aztec calendar are entering the picture.

Very interesting!

Click here to see my research notes for Juan Brito and Antonia Ursula Duran



Tlaxcalan Indians in New Mexico

Draft by Stanley A Lucero

Summer 2009 GSHA Nuestras Raices

Tlaxcalan Colonies

Source: Rosalba Delgadillo Torres

Tlaxcalan Indians in New Mexico powerpoint

Cosecha Conference in Albuquerque, NM November 2009

Tlaxcalan Colonies

Source: Charles Gibson

The 1591 Migragion powerpoint

Genealogy Conference, Milpitas, CA March 6, 2010

Tlaxcalan Colonies

Source: Tlaxcala

La Secretaría de Educación Pública

1591 San Juan del Rio Census

Tlaxcalan Migration families

Tlaxcalan Colonies

Source: Southwestern Historical Quarterly

October 1680 San Lorenzo Mision founded

Tlaxcalan Indian regufees from New Mexico

Returning Lipan Apache women's laws, lands, & power in El Calaboz Rancheria, Texas-Mexico border

By Margo Tamez, Ph.D.

El riego en al arido Mexicao

By Tomas Martinez Saldana

El riego tradicional en el ariazo norteno

By Tomas Martinez Saldana

Don Joseph

Research by Stanley A. Lucero 2011

Tlaxcalan Indians

Page 510, The New Handbook of Texas Volume 6

Los Matachines Research Notres by Stanley A Lucero January 2013  


My Tlaxcateca Ancestors - The Britos


8 great grandparents

Juan Brito [1650-]

Antonia Ursula Duran [1650-]

Married 1664

7 great grandparents

Juan de Leon Brito [1672 New Mexico - 1729 Santa Fe]

Maria de los Reyes Granillo [1652 - 1732 Santa Fe]

Married 1694 Santa Fe

6th great grandparents

Juan de Arguello [1694 Zacatecas - 1789 Trampas]

Juana Gregoria Brito [1699 New Mexico - 1789 Trampas]

Married 1715 Santa Fe

5th great grandparents

Luis Francisco de Leyva [1711 New Mexico- 1733 Trampas]

Juana Gertrudis de Arguello [1716 New Mexico - 1781 Trampas]

Married 1731 Santa Fe

4th great grandparents

Salvador Antonio Leyba [1745 Santa Fe - 1815 Trampas]

Maria Rosalia Antonia Martin [1754 Chimayo - Died in Trampas]

Married 1773 Picuries

3rd great grandparents

Nicolas Tolentino de los Dolores Leyba [1789 Trampas - ]

Maria Dolores Baca  [1797 - ]

Married 1819 Santa Cruz


Picture of Las Trampas Church

by Raymond Kelso [March 2007]

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