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Compiled by Stanley A. Lucero & LorraineAguilar

 Santo Tomas Apostol Del Rio De Las Trampas Land Grant

Given by Governor Tomas Vel Cachipin in July 15, 1751

COMING SOON:  The following have submitted documentation proving they are descendants of the 12 Trampas families.  A confirmation letter will be sent to the submitter listing each generation.  Information on the living will not be posted.  If you have documentation that may challenge any parent/child link please submit it. If you are a descendant of one or more of the 12 trampas families, please send me an email with your information.  If possible, please send me a gedcom via email.  You can also mail your information to me at the above address or fax the information to me at 559-661-8710. Please make sure to list your sources of information [list pages and number of microfilms used, copies of certificates you have, etc.]

Land Grant given to: (Click on name to get more information about each person)

Jose Aragon Juan de Arguello   Juan Jose de Arguello  Salvador Baca  
Antonio Dominguez   Juan Garcia   Eusebio de Leyba Luis (Francisco) de Leyba
Vicente Lucero Melchor Rodriguez Pedro Felipe Rodriguez Ygna cio Vargas

The 12 Trampas families lived in the Analco District of Santa Fe before 1751. 

The Analco District was the poor section of Santa Fe across the river from the Spanish settlements

The genizaros (individuals of mixed blood) lived separately from the Spanish and Indian families. 

Many of the genizaros were children of Spanish and New Mexico Indian parents. 

Many of the genizaros were also known as coyotes - children of Indian slaves and Spanish masters. 

Among the Trampas families we find descendants of the Tlascateca Indians who fought with Cortez against the Aztecs. 

We also find the descendants of the Spanish slaves from Africa.

Trampas was established as a buffer town using the genizaros between the Spaniards and the Indians in the hopes of stopping the Indian raids on the Spanish settlements.

The first baptism, marriage and death records of the Trampas families are found in the various Catholic Churches in Santa Fe.

As the Trampas families moved into the Northern New Mexico mountains

some of their children were baptized or married in the Santa Cruz de la Canada Church baetween Espanola and Chimayo.

Once they were in the Trampas Land Grant area most of their baptisms, marriages, and deaths were recorded in the Catholic Mission in Picuris.

Many times the Catholic records do not state where the individuals lived-

only that the baptisms, marriages, and deaths were performed at that specific church.

According to Tony Hillarman in his book New Mexico, Rio Grande and other essays:

"[Juan de] Arguello was seventy-seven years old and a battle-scarred veteran of a long life of frontier wars

when he led his sons-in-law and their families from Santa Fe

to establish this lonely and dangerous new outpost [Trampas]. 

The chronicles report that when he was ninety-nine he walked over the mountains

to the Penasco Valley to ask [for] donations for the village chapel. 

He died at age 117."  

For additional information about the Trampas Grant and the original familes go to  A BRIEF HISTORY OF LOS TRAMPEROS by Jerol Arguello.

How the families were related


Leyba:  Melchora (wife of Jose Aragon), Luis Francisco and Eusebio were brothers and sisters; children of Jose de Leyva and Maria Bonifacia de Ontiveros

NOTE:  Records of baptisms, marriages and deaths were taken from Catholic Church records of Santa Fe, Santa Cruz de la Canada, and La Mision de San Lorenzo de Picuris.  Please email me if you have additional information.


b = born  c = christened m = married d = death


Jose de Arag on son of Ambrosio de Aragon and Casilda Gonzalez ,

married Melchora Leyba, daughter of Jose de Leyva and Maria Bonifacia de Ontiveros. 

Jose and Melchora were "vecinos de las Trampas" and identified as Spanish at their marriage in 1797 at the Picuris Mission. 

Melchora Leyba died before 1797.  

Children of Jose de Aragon and Melchora Leyba

1. Juan Joseph Guadalupe Aragon was christened in 1756 at the Picuris Mission and died in 1758.

2.. Antonia Rosa Aragon was buried 1771 in Trampas.

3. Maria Casilda Aragon was christened 1758, Picuris Mission, and died in 1758.

4. Maria Beronica Aragon from Trampas was christened in 1759 at the Picuris Mission.

5. Juan Joseph de la Luz Aragon  was christened in 1761 at the Picuris Mission.

6. Maria Antonia Casilda Aragon from Trampas was christened in 1762 at the Picuris Mission.

7. Juan Santiago Aragon from Trampas was christened 1764 at the Picuris Mission.  

8.  Francisco Antonio Aragon from Trampas was christened 1766 at the Picuris Mission.

Jose de Aragon married Maria Barbara Lucero, daughter of Vicente Lucero & Manuela Rodriguez Jorge , about 1797at the Picuris Mission. No children found to date for Jose de Aragon and Maria Barbara Lucero

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Juan de Arguello , son of Juaquin de Arguello & Juana G utierrez, was born about 1672 in Zacatecas .

He died at the age of 117 years in 1789 in Trampas. 

Juan de Arguello married Juana Gregoria Brito in 1715 in Santa Fe

Juana Gregoria Brito, daughter of Juan Brito de Leon and Maria de los Reyes Granillo, was born about 1699 in Santa Fe.

She died in Taos in 1770 according to the Picuris Mission records.  Juana Gregoria's grandfather was a Tlascateca Indian from Tlascala, Mexico.

Children of Juan de Arguello and Juana Gregoria Brito

1. Juan Jose de Arguello was born about 1715 in Mexico.  He married Joaquina Rodriguez in 1746 in Santa Fe. He died after 1783. Joaquina Rodriguez, daughter of Melchor Rodriguez and Clara de Villarreal, was born about 1715. The children of Juan Jose de Arguello and Joaquina Rodriguez are listed below.

2.  Juana Gertrudis de Arguello was born 1715 in Santa Fe.  She married Luis Francisco de Leyva in 1731 in Santa Fe. She died after 1781 in Trampas. Luis Francisco de Leyva, son of Jose de Leyva and Maria Bonifacia de Ontiveros, was born 1711 in Santa Fe and died 1773 in Trampas.  The children of Juana Gertrudis de Arguello and Luis Francisco de Leyva are listed below.

3. Andrea Arguello

4. Barbara Rita Arguello married Juan Luis Flores in 1751 in Santa Fe.  Juan Luis Flores was the son of Juan Antonio Flores and Antonia Martin.  The children of Barbara Rita Arguello and Juan Luis Flores were Maria Rosalia, Maria de Loreto, Francisca Maria, Juan Baptista, Leandro Antonio, Joseph Manuel and Jose Antonio.

5. Anna Maria Arguello

6. Zimona Arguello

7. Joachin Arguello was born about 1731 and married Barbara Rodriguez Gorge in 1760 at the Picuris Mission. Barbara died in 1771 at Trampas.  The children of Joachin Arguello and Barbara Rodriguez Gorge were Maria de la Ascension, Phelipa de la Cruz and Jose Concepcion.

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Juan Jose de Arguello, son of Juan de Arguello and Juana Gregoria Brito, was born about 1715 in Mexico. 

He married Joaquina Rodríguez in 1746 in Santa Fe. He died after 1783. Joaquina Rodriguez, daughter of Melchor Rodriguez and Clara de Villarreal, was born about 1715.

Children of Juan Jose de Arguello and Joaquina Rodriguez

1. Juan Salvador Arguello was christened in 1749 in Santa Fe.  He married Maria Candelaria George Rodriguez in 1766 at the Picuris Mission. Maria Candelaria was born about 1747 and died before 1837.  Juan Salvador Arguello married Maria de la Trinidad Garcia in 1837 at the Picuris Mission. The children of Juan Salvador Arguello and Maria Candelaria George Rodriguez were

2. Clara Maria Arguello was christened in 1751 in Santa Fe

3. Maria de la Antigual Arguello was christened in 1753 in Picuris

4. Joseph Arguello was christened in 1753 in Trampas.

5. Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Arguello was christened in 1756 in Picuris and death recorded in 1758 at Picuris.

6. Juana Maria Arguello was christened in 1758 at Picuris.

7. Ysidro de Jesús Arguello was born in 1764 in Trampas.

8. Maria Marta Arguello was christened in 1767 at Picuris.

9. Maria Manuela Arguello married Eusebio Leyba in 1737 in Santa Fe.

10. Joseph Tomas Arguello was christened in 1771 at Picuris.

11. Juan Tomas Arguello

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Salvador Baca No parents found.  Died after 1780.

Married Maria Marquez and Maria de la Luz Garcia

Children of Salvador Baca and Maria Marquez

1. Martin Leon Baca born in 1754 in Trampas.

2. Juan Candelaria Baca christened in 1757 at Picuris and died in 1762 in Trampas.

3. Isabel Verónica Baca born in 1759 in Trampas

4. Anna Maria Baca born in 1763 in Trampas

Married Maria de la Luz Garcia who died in 1780 at Picuris  

Children of Salvador Baca and Maria de la Luz Garcia

1. Juan Jose Baca Pando died in 1780 in Trampas

2. Maria Dolores Baca Pando born about 1778 and died in1781 in Trampas

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Antonio Domínguez was born in Santa Fe.  No parents found

Married Quiteria Padilla died in 1759 in Trampas  

Children of Antonio Dominguez and Quiteria Padilla

1. Maria Josepha Domínguez born about 1738 and married Sebastián Cordova in 1757 at Picuris.  She died in 1798 in Trampas

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Juan Garcia born before 1755, no parents found

Married Juliana Rodríguez  

Children of Juan Garcia and Juliana Rodriguez

1. Maria de la Antigua Gaxcia born in 1753 in Trampas

2. Antonio Joseph Garcia christened in 1755 at Picuris

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Eusebio de Leyba Son of Jose de Leyva & Maria Bonifacio de Ontiveros

Married Maria Manuela Arguello 1737 Santa Fe, daughter of Juan Jose de Arguello & Joaquina Rodríguez  

Children of Eusebio de Leyba and Maria Manuela Arguello

1. Maria Juana de Leiba died in 1757 at Picuris

2. Maria Agustina Leiba christened in 1755 at Picuris

3. Maria Josepha Leyva christened in 1759 at Picuris

4. Maria Rosa Leyva christened in 1761 at Picuris

5. Cristóbal de Balbanera Leyba christened in 1762 at Picuris

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Luis de Leyba (Luis Francisco de Leyva) born 1711 Santa  Fe, son of Jose de Leyva & Maria Bonifacio de Ontivero and died 1773 Trampas .

Married Juana Gertrudis de Arguello born 1715 Santa Fe, daughter of Juan de Arguello & Juana Gregoria Brito and died 1781 Trampas  

Children of Luis Francisco de Leyva and Juana Gertrudis de Arguello

1. Juan Antonio Leyva born 1732 Santa Fe.Married Rosalia Madrid 1754 Picuris

2. Maria Antonia Incolaza Leyva born 1739 Santa Fe and died after 1777.  Married Diego Antonio Garcia 1754 Picuris

3. Maria de Loreto Leyva born in 1747 in Santa Fe and married Juan Rubial in 1767 at Picuris

4. Juan Francisco Leyva born in 1751 in Santa Fe

5. Vicente Leyva born in 1753 in Santa Barbara

6. Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Leyva christened in 1756 at Picuris

7. Antonia Manuela Leyva christened in 1756 in Trampas and died in 1756 at Picuris

8. Manuela Gerturis Leyva born in 1756 in Trampas died in 1757 in Picuris

9. Jose Baltasar Amador Leyva christened in 1759 at Picuris died in 1781 in Trampas

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Vicente Lucero No parents found

Married Manuela Rodrigues Jorge before 1752  

Children of Vicente Lucero and Manuela Rodrigues Jorge

1. Joseph Lucero christened in 1752 at Santa Cruz

2. Balentin Leonardo Lucero christend in 1756 at Picuris and married Antonia Margarita Avila in 1778 at Picuris. 

He died in 1815 at Picuris

3. Antonio Mathias Lucero christened in 1758 at Picuris

4. Verónica Remigia Lucero born in 1760 in Trampas and died in 1777 in Trampas

5. Maria Barbara Lucero married Jose Aragon in 1797 at Picuris

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Melchor Rodriguez  was born about 1692, Son of Sebastián Rodriguez & Isabel Olguin OR son of Sebastian Rodriguez and Juana de la Apodaca Cruz .  He was buried in 1762 in Trampas

Married Clara de Villareal died in 1752 at Picuris  

Children of Melchor Rodriguez and Clara de Villareal

1. Bernardina Rodríguez died in 1734

2. Pedro Felipe Rodríguez

3. Joaquina Rodríguez was born in 1715 and married Juan Jose de Arguello in 1746 in Santa Fe

Married Ana Maria Arguello died after 1762  

Adopted son of Melchor Rodriguez and Ana Maria Arguello

1. Jose Baltasar Amador Leyva christened in 1759 at Picuris and died in 1781 in Trampas.  He was the son of Luis de Leiba and Juana Gertrudes Arguello.

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Pedro Felipe Rodriguez was the son of Melchor Rodríguez & Clara de Villareal .    No spouse or children found yet

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Ygnacio Vargas (Ygnacia Bargas) No information found yet

Married Juana Maria Vigil

1. Lorenzo Bargas was christened 5-8-1755

2. Maria Casilda Bargas was christened 4-19-1757

3. Diego Bargas was christened 6-21-1760

4. Ana Maria Bargas married Juan Antonio Abila 9-16-1758. Children of Ana Maria Bargas and Juan Antonio Abila: Antonia Margarita Abila 10-5-1750; Jose Miguel Abila 1-24-1767

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