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Adios Muchachos (Goodbye Children)
Arre Mi Burrita (Giddap My Little Burro)
Arróz Con Leche (Rice With Milk)
Caballito Blanco (White Horse)
Cri Cri (Cri Cri)
Cua Cua Cua (Quack Quack Quack)
El Barquito (The Little Boat)
El Carro Ford (The Ford Car)
El Pescadito (The Little Fish)
El Piojo Y La Pulga (The Louse and the Flea)
La Cucaracha (The Cockroach)
La Familia (The Family)
La Féria De San Juan (The Fair of Saint John)
La Muńeca (The Doll)
Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks)
Mi Rancho (My Ranch)
Patito (Little Duck)
Pin Pon (Pin Pon)
Salieron Los Patitos (The Little Ducks Came Out)
Una Mosca (A Fly)


Recorded in 1977 in Visalia, California. Based on songs collected in California from bilingual teachers in the San Joaquin Valley. The recording features the voice of Stanley and his guitar.

These songs have been released on the CD Best of Stanley Lucero.

1977 - Cancionero Infantíl. This collection of traditional children's songs was compiled from the Fresno, California area. These songs are perfect for infants and young children in the primary grades [up to age 10].  All twenty of these traditional children's songs were remastered for the Best of Stanley

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