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1973 - Canciones Para Niños No longer available due to deterioration of the master tape. A collection of children's songs and traditional songs as found in New Mexico.  Seven of the traditional songs were rerecorded with new arrangements on the Dos Voces CD.  Eight of the children songs were rerecorded with a California twist on the Cancionero Infantíl tape and later remastered and transferred to the Best Of Stanley CD. De Colores was rerecorded for the Turquoise CD featuring the voice of Martha Rodriguez.

1977 - Cancionero Infantíl Cassette. This collection of traditional children's songs was compiled from the Fresno, California area. These songs are perfect for infants and young children in the primary grades [up to age 10].  All twenty of these traditional children's songs were remastered for the Best of Stanley CD

1977 - Juegos Y Diversiones Cassette. These musical games have been played in Spanish speaking countries since before my grandparents' youth. Appropriate for children ages two and up to ten years old.  All eleven of these traditional games collected in the Fresno, California area were remastered and included on the Best of Stanley CD

1984 - Canciones De Lagos Cassette. These songs are being used by primary teachers [K-1st] in Lagos de San Juan, Jalisco, Mexico to supplement and reinforce their curriculum. ]. Fourteen of these Mexican school theme songs were remastered for the Best of Stanley CD. La Hormiguita was rerecorded with the voice of Yolanda Lucero and released on the Dos Voces CD

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1995 - Turquoise Cassette or CD.  Book available.  Listen to De Colores (Sung by Martha Rodriguez, Stanley on guitars and bass). Listen to El Coyote (Sung by Carmen Dias, Martha Rodriguez and Stanley A. Lucero, Carmen on vihuela, Martha on rainstick and huehuetl, Stanley on guitar and bass, and Carlos on quena). The music book includes the lyrics, melody lines, guitar chords, English translations of the songs, notes about each song and a bibliography of related books and recordings of children's music in Spanish. The lyrics are in fine print on the CD and Cassette jackets and are available online.

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1998 - Best of Stanley A. Lucero Compact Disc only. Contains most of the songs from Cancionero Infantil, Juegos y Diversiones and Canciones De Lagos. No music book is currently available. The lyrics are available online.

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1999 - Dos Voces - Un Espíritu Compact Disc only. Contains 9 original songs composed and sung by Linda Quiroz. Also contains songs originally recorded on Canciones Para Niños with new arrangements. Listen to Tamales (Sung by Linda Quiróz and Stanley A. Lucero, Stanley on guitars and bass). Listen to La Hormiguita (Sung by Yolanda and Stanley Lucero, Stanley on guitars and bass). No music book is currently available. The lyrics are available online. 

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2001 - Fiestas y cuento-cantos. Cassette or CD.  Includes songs for cultural pride, cultural values, Day of the Dead and Christmas ranging from PreColumbian times to an original song by Yolanda (Gallinita Roja).  Musicians include Yolanda Lucero, Martha Rodriguez, Francisco Mejia and Carmen Diaz.

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2006 - Marimba Lucero Vol. 1. CD. Includes boleros, mambos and English country songs recorded by Marimba Lucero.  Instruments include the marimba, guitar, bass and congas.  Features the voices of Nora and Stanley on most songs.  Includes several instrumental songs.

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